“Not Over Yet” by Barbara Elsborg


On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…
One pissed off Santa…
A whole heap of trouble…

The last thing Phin feels like doing is going to a New Year’s Eve party. After a day dealing with sick animals, all he wants is a glass of red wine, some food and his bed. But as he drives home down a steep, snow-covered hill, he skids and hits a guy dressed as Santa Claus.

Maric’s not badly hurt, but he’s pissed off. He’s pretty sure Phin’s not the one he’s supposed to find, but when Phin takes him to his cottage, and Maric sees no sign of festivities, he begins to wonder if Phin is the one who needs his help.

Much as Phin would like to get rid of Maric, the thickly falling snow makes it too dangerous for Phin to drive him anywhere. The pair are stuck together, which suits Maric just fine. Now all he needs is luck and a bit of magic.


Who What When Where Why How…Nope. I can’t tell you. Actually, I don’t know. But you can’t ask. Are you okay with that? Can you…continue without knowing? If the answer is yes, please carry on. If not, I’m afraid this tale isn’t for you. Yes, you must suspend reality my friends because Elsborg is going to take us on an enchanting journey. And I can promise you that you’ve never been on anything like this. This is going to be ‘one of those’ reviews, intentionally vague and probably more questions than anything. Because quite frankly, I can’t tell you. Not without spoiling and I am not one to reveal presents before it’s time to open.

Let’s get to what I can share…Phin is going to rub you the wrong way at first. He’s abrasive and irritable and…there are valid reasons for his spiky shell. I wasn’t expecting them (although since this is Barb penning this story, I should have!) and my eyes instantly began to leak. I should have known the feelz were going to come out and bite me. I didn’t mind, I just was startled. Amazingly, this curious and outlandish story touches on a little bit of everything. Now Maric, you’re gonna LOVE him. Without a doubt, he will steal your heart while he’s lifting it. He is playful and loving and full of wonder. When Phin accidentally strikes Maric with his car, his world is tipped upside down. Or maybe it’s toppled back where it’s supposed to be? Phin lost his smile and his sparkle earlier that year. Maric brings it back tenfold. Their story and fall are swift but I didn’t mind. I was swept away with the giddy joy and contagious smiles. It’s silly and yet serious. It’s simple but deep. It’s pure and at the same time kinky. In short, it was…festively charming. I think you need it!

bewareMagic is all around…but only if you believe. If you thought snowmen were cool, wait till you see this snow dragon. A foolish ex returns only to test the waters…or ice as it might be. And twelve days of Christmas that you won’t soon forget!



Want something different to read this holiday? If you can hold your tongue, close your eyes and just feel…this adventure is for you.



TITLE: Not Over Yet
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 118 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 10, 2020
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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