“The Christmas I Know” by Nicky James


Andrew Walker has memories of what Christmas is supposed to be like. Having lived so many years without a family to share the holidays with, he’s determined to rebuild traditions with his fiancé, Val. However, Val’s ideal Christmas doesn’t align with Andrew’s.
Not only do the men come from two different worlds, but they live thousands of miles apart.
During a disastrous trip to Toronto to visit Val for the holidays, Andrew meets Xavier, a caring and thoughtful man who only wants to help Andrew out of a bad situation and get him where he’s supposed to be for Christmas.
Xavier grew up in a loving home filled with a holiday spirit that reminds Andrew of his childhood. Reflecting on life and love, Andrew realizes how mismatched he and Val truly are and wonders if this is the life he’s destined to live.
Perhaps being alone is better than settling for someone who doesn’t make him happy.
Except, no one should be alone at Christmas, so when Xavier finds out Andrew’s plan to travel home alone after ending his relationship with Val, he has a different agenda.
Maybe it’s time Andrew gets a taste of the Christmas he knows in his heart.


James is still a fairly new-to-me author, which is about to change. Earlier this year during our first encounter she knocked me down flat and then lifted me up into the stars. Love Me Whole is a powerful and unforgettable story so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this shorter, sweeter holiday book. Well, I will plan on expecting greatness with anything attached to her name from here on out. I LOVED this Christmas story. Like, grabbed my kindle and twirled around the room with hearts in my eyes after I finished it. What? You don’t do that when a book makes you…so happy? Huh. Okay, so maybe it’s just me then. Anywho, this was everything I yearn for with my holiday tales and more. I didn’t want it to end but I was so happy with the ending I didn’t want to change a single thing. Let me curb my babbling and get to it…


This is one of those types of books that I tend to steer clear of…the current “in a relationship” status when the meet-cute occurs. If you’re like me and don’t care for cheating (at all) rest assured, you’re safe here. This one worked for me in all the ways it usually doesn’t. Let me tell you why! When Andrew encounters his Mr. Right he is already committed to Mr. Wrong. Flying across the country to see his long-distance boyfriend for the holidays turns into one disaster after another. Andrew is determined to make the best of it despite the storm of obstacles thrown into his path. Being a California boy, he’s unprepared for a northern winter storm. When he’s dropped in the middle of a winter wonderland he’s enchanted and exhilarated but again, vastly underprepared. Then a stranger appears with an answer for every problem. However, the biggest quandary is losing his heart to the snowstorm savior. *sigh* It’s unexpected and abrupt and oh so right. And as a wise person once said, when it’s right, you find a way.


loveBoth of the men stole my heart! I was instantly smitten with Andrew and his Jeep driving rescuer, Xavier. Andrew might date a prestigious elite but he’s a simple man with simple wishes. He desperately wants to taste a piece of his childhood memories and continue precious traditions, maybe even start new ones. But all too quickly he discovers Val doesn’t have the same dreams. To add salt to the cookies it looks like their future paths are not in sync either. This trip was all for naught. Or was it? Was he meant to trudge all that way to accept he was in love with the idea of Val and not Val himself? Maybe it was only to merge paths with someone and get a glimpse of everything he always desired? Perhaps both? But Xavier’s on the other side of the country…and for a man who’s done years of long-distance, Andrew knows it would be different this time. They should just take this moment in time and enjoy each other. I mean, fresh trees, a Nana homemade Christmas dinner, and cheap wine…what’s not to love about that?? But what happens when this startling connection locks tighter than either imagined? *happy wiggle* I really really think you should find out!



Paths change, paths merge and paths turn true. From fleeting to faraway there are challenges aplenty…but I never questioned the power of their love. And a Christmas visit that will warm your soul and lift your heart.


bookisforIf you’re searching for a stunning story with all the Christmas fixings, I would highly recommend that you pick up this delightful pair.



TITLE: The Christmas I Know
AUTHOR: Nicky James
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 139 pages
RELEASE DATE: November 27, 2018

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