“His Compass” by Con Riley


Tom has one rule: don’t sleep with the crew. A second chance with a younger, gorgeous deckhand tempts him to break it.

After a busy season as a charter-hire skipper, Tom yearns for some downtime. His lonely heart also aches for adventure with someone special, but paying his bills has to come first. A surprise sailing contract and huge bonus offer his first glimpse of freedom for years. There’s only one catch: he must crew with Nick, a deckhand who jumped ship once already.

Nick’s as young and untested as the new yacht they’re contracted to sail, and he’s just as gorgeous. Forced to spend a month as Nick’s captain, Tom discovers depths he hadn’t noticed. He’s captivated, and happier sailing with Nick than he’s been in forever. However, their voyage is finite, and both men keep soul-deep secrets.

As the contract draws to an end, they must get honest about what’s in their hearts if they want to share a life at sea, and love, forever.

reviewSorry, just a sec… *deep breath* Okay, thanks, I needed that. In all honesty, this might be a bit of a mess. I promise I will try and contain myself but there are no guarantees. Tom and Nick’s story has a direct line to my knees, zapping any strength, and my chest, striking my heart while simultaneously taking my breath away. So there you have it, I’m all topsy-turvy. Con always does this to me! I was head over heels with the first story in this series and wondered if anything could compare. It was tremendous and pushed all my buttons. Could this compete? The answer is, yes! This stunning story not only compared but quite possibly soared above it. BUT shhh, please don’t tell Rob and Jude. I’d hate for them to know that I’m playing favorites.

There’s much to tell you but even more that I can’t share. Ugh. *wrings hands* Where to begin? How about the sizable…size. The page count is longer than I typically gravitate towards but I’d read an 800-page novel if Riley created one. But again, let’s keep that between us. I’d rather not give her any ideas because I’m sure you’d find Sheri-goo if that ever happened. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, Con’s books affect me. Before I know it, I’m swept away in a sensory overload of touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound. I’m there and somehow, part of the story. It’s kinda wild and insanely impressive. I’ve never been on a yacht. I’ve never been anywhere near the Mediterranean Sea or the other dreamy places we visit. I dream of Porthperrin but that’s another story. However, when I close my eyes…I feel the steady lull of the deck and hear the music of the water. It’s pure bliss. *happy sigh*

What’s next? *chews lip* I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but this is a full-blown adventure. It sort of split into three parts for me. I’ll make it easy and go with: before, during, and after. The ‘before’ involves the timeframe when Nick worked as a deckhand for Tom (which picks up near the end of the first book) on the Aphrodite and the beginning of the sea trial. Nick’s a ray of sunshine with a kind and whimsical soul. Tom is solid, weatherworn, and slightly surly. They are absolute opposites but perfectly suited for one another. The ‘during’ comprises their budding relationship and journey through the seas on the Nothing But. One word…Wow. I was blown away by the beauty, excitement, and tension. And the ‘after’ is, well, after Tom accepts that he genuinely does desire the strings on his strict “no strings” status. I wanted to (lovingly) cuff the back of his head…more than once. There’s a LOT packed into the gorgeous story but I never drifted or zoned. From the puzzling moments to the rough waters, I was rapt and eager to discover all their hidden secrets and half-truths. You won’t believe it when you uncover the answers. Remarkable all the way around.

I wept, tears of joy, and tears of pain. I agonized, stressed over past trauma and current mishaps. And I celebrated, grand achievements and head-pulling-from-arses. Oh, and did I mention how sexy they are? *fans self* Scorching! I’m definitely burned, somebody pass me the aloe, please? *whispers* I’m counting down the days till Mitch takes us back to visit this cheeky and charming pair. I can’t wait!!


bewareWe sail through uncharted waters but the navigation does not fail us. Guilt and fear are powerful forces and may try to steer you but all you need is to simply adjust your course. And the breathtaking lesson of, when you find your person, whatever you do, don’t let go.


bookisforIf you believe in destiny, fate, and soul mates, why not set sail on this remarkable journey? I promise you won’t regret it.



TITLE: His Compass (His #2)
AUTHOR: Con Riley
PUBLISHER: Figment Ink
LENGTH: 430 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 14, 2021
BUY LINKS: AmazonUK, Amazon

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