“Dauntless” by Lisa Henry


Joe Nesmith leads a peaceful life as the lighthouse keeper on Dauntless Island, a small island off the coast of Australia where the occupants are proud of their mutinous history and have very long memories.

When graduate student Eddie Hawthorne comes to Dauntless, he brings with him a historical diary that might just throw everything the islanders have ever believed into disarray—and one of them might even resort to deadly measures to make sure that Eddie’s research never sees the light of day.

When Eddie is attacked, Joe is drawn in to helping him discover which of the islanders could have done such a thing. The rising attraction between them doesn’t mean anything, right? It’s just a fling. But while Joe find himself wishing more and more that Eddie could stay on Dauntless, it’s clear that somebody else wants Eddie gone, permanently. And when the attacker escalates to murder, both Joe and Eddie find themselves in danger of Dauntless Island’s bloody history repeating itself.


Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea is a place called Dauntless. Or at least, I think so. And what a mystical place it is! Doesn’t seem to matter what type of adventure Henry takes me on, I always have a fabulous time. This round was a mystery, a murder mystery to be exact. If you’re thinking dark and tense, you’d be wrong. Despite the murder, it was enjoyable and lighthearted. Coming in under 150 pages, it flew by but I was smiling the entire time.

LikeI’ve been drawn to lighthouses for as long as I can remember. Every summer we pack up for a week of exploring, off to discover new hidden places in the beauty of my state. My daughter loves waterfalling but I always sneak a few new lighthouses into our trips. They are all so different yet fundamentally the same. Like a fantasy, I’m given the impression that they are eternal and misted with glamour. Technology has stolen the need for a keeper but most require supervision to a certain degree. The lighthouse on Dauntless has a keeper, Joe Nesmith otherwise known as Red Joe. His duties are minimal but still important. He was born on Dauntless and will most likely die there too. It’s in his blood. Blood ties run thick on Dauntless and memories are even deeper. Small towns are like families, there are no secrets or strangers. Until one day, Dauntless has both. The stranger carries a familiar last name and the secrets are yours to uncover.



Forbidden love is one of my favorite things! And there’s nothing more forbidden than a Hawthorn and a Nesmith…together. Eddie Hawthorn wears his innocence on his face and his heart on his sleeve. I adored his carefree nature and fierce tenacity. Joe quickly fell under his spell and was thrilled with the possibility of dating in Dauntless, something he never anticipated doing. Joe is under no illusion that this is anything more than a quick fling but he loves having Eddie on the island. Unfortunately, he’s alone in that aspect. And when one of their own is murdered, all eyes fall on Eddie. Hearts are breaking and there’s a killer on the loose. But if there’s one thing you can count on in a small town is everyone pulling together when the seas are rough. I loved the passion between the guys, the heart of the townspeople, the mysterious past, and the breathtaking scenery. Oh, and I can’t forget Hiccup, she was the best!



A swift fall with sure arms waiting. A battle of pride and humility with only one winner. And the gentle reminder that light and love often go hand in hand.


bookisforAnyone searching for a romantic whodunit with two strangers linked by their past, fighting for their future, Dauntless should be your next destination!



TITLE: Dauntless
AUTHOR: Lisa Henry 
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 144 pages
RE-RELEASE DATE: November 2020

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