“Jonty in Russia” by Barbara Elsborg


When Devan, Best Boyfriend in the Entire World, books them a trip to Russia in February, Jonty’s excitement knows no bounds. There’s packing to do, plans to be made, and places to see.

Armed with his smile and a handful of dubious Russian Phrases, Jonty is ready for the delights Vladivostok has to offer—the famous glass beach he’s dreamed about, ice skating on a frozen sea, and snow. And maybe even vodka.

But, is Vladivostok ready for Jonty Bloom?

This takes place after ‘Jonty’s Christmas’ and before the epilogue in ‘The Making of Jonty Bloom’.


I meet a lot of good characters. Heck, I meet a lot of great characters. But then every hundred books or so, I collide with a character that I know will stay with me forever. They blast through any book barriers and strike me right through the heart. Jonty Bloom was my heart piercer this past year. And I can’t get enough of him. According to Jonty, he is…different. Which is absolutely true. He is as honest as he is sneaky. He is as clever as he is silly. And although he may be unworldly he is experienced beyond measure. I love Jonty Bloom straight through to his bones and I love Devan for loving him.

This fun novella was an excellent addition to the series. Devan gifts Jonty with an incredible Christmas present in Jonty’s Christmas and Barb was kind enough to let us tag along on this exciting journey. Jonty’s never really been anywhere. This is his first time away, his first time on a plane, and his first time traveling with his boyfriend, otherwise known as ‘the best boyfriend in the entire world”. Devan has a passport full of stamps but this is a first for him too. Looking at the world through Jonty’s eyes paints a fresh shine on everything. As usual, Jonty is prepared. Well, as much as he possibly can be. He’s studied the language and cultural expectations. He doesn’t want to embarrass Devan, on the contrary, he wants to make Devan proud. If only he could see how much Devan treasures him, he could dismiss those worries. Russia proves to be everything Jonty imagined and then some. Between new friends, vodka-soaked nights, and sea-sparkling days, this is a trip to remember. In case I wasn’t clear, I completely adored it.

bewareJonty means well but sometimes he’s a magnet for trouble. They are sticky sweet but never fear, still oh-so-very-sexy. And get ready for unbridled love in all its glory.



Jonty fans, Elsborg fans, and anyone else looking for a heart piercer, I’d love for you to meet Jonty Bloom! I promise you’ve never met anyone else like him.



TITLE: Jonty in Russia (Unfinished Business Series)
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 66 pages
RELEASE DATE: February 5, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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