“Red Dirt Heart 4” by N.R. Walker


Moving from a Texas ranch to an Australian Outback station was a life changing decision for Travis Craig. Though it wasn’t really a decision at all. Something in his bones told him to go, though he had no clue as to why.

Until he met Sutton Station’s owner, Charlie.

Loving Charlie shouldn’t have been easy. The man was stubborn, and riddled with crippling self-doubt. No, it shouldn’t have been easy at all. Yet somehow, falling in love with Charlie was the easiest thing in the world.

Loving him was easy. Living with him, teaching him how to love in return and, more importantly, how to love himself, was not.

But Travis knew all along it’d be worth it. He knew the man with the red dirt heart was destined to be his. Just like he knew the red dirt that surrounded him was where he was supposed to be.

In the final installment of the Red Dirt Series, we see Charlie through Travis’ eyes. We see how much he’s grown and how much he loves. We go back to Texas with them, and we see Charlie get everything he truly thought he never deserved.

Red Dirt Heart 4 is Travis’ story.

And this is the story of not just one red dirt heart, but two. 


Full. I am SO full. I was a greedy glutton girl with this series but there are valid reasons for such ravenous behavior. When it comes to this pair of cowboys living their best life with red dust on their boots, I get a full pardon for such insatiable hunger. They swept me off my feet with the first part of this series and just when I thought they couldn’t take me any higher, they pushed the bar far beyond plain view. Considering this is the fourth and final book, their history is pivotal here. No, you cannot get two hundred dollars and pass go, you must start at the beginning. I assure you, this is no hardship. Since it builds and grows with each book I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about the actual plot. But I can tell you what to expect. Which is happiness, passion, humor, and honest-to-goodness feels. The voice shifts to Travis and what a delight his perspective is. Charlie has found many things in the past year; his true love, long-lost family, his confidence, and the utter adoration of a wombat. Travis pushes him to reach for his dreams and his unwavering support allows Charlie to take on whatever comes across his path. Their love is genuine and true and with its everlasting flow comes not only comfort but freedom. I loved their fierce passion, mutual respect, and ability to brighten the darkest of days. They safeguard each other and those few special souls they’ve allowed in their circle. Their family continues to grow and along with it, so did my smile. The epilogue is like a dessert bar at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sweet, sweeter, and beyond the sweetest you can possibly imagine. Good thing I have a sweet tooth. *wink*

Let me just say this, if you like book hugs and haven’t had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Charlie Sutton and Travis Craig I implore you…follow your fingers to one-click the first book (or save yourself some time and just snag the bundle)…Sutton Station isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…why not give this cowboy and his cowboy a chance? I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Blistering heat, work from sun up till sundown, and a red horizon as far as you can see….sounds like paradise to me!


The tables are turned when Charlie is the out-of-towner…but nervous Charlie brings out a feisty Travis. And apparently, tipsy Charlie is tinted green and Trav finds this hilarious and adorable. But most of all, the resounding heartbeat of “family” can be felt radiating from the pages. Oh, and an ending that will make you gahhh, and squeee, and yee-haw until the very end.


Of course, fans of this series but if you’re new to the club don’t worry, I just found this slice of paradise in the outback myself and I promise I’ll save you a seat on the veranda.


TITLE: Red Dirt Heart 4 (Red Dirt #4)
AUTHOR: N.R. Walker
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 332 pages
RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2015
BUY LINKS: Amazon 

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