“Naked Weekend” by Roe Horvat


It was supposed to be a casual threesome. Yeah, right. Those kisses are anything but casual, and the third guy is nowhere to be found. Neill should have known their friend set them up. But even as he ends up naked in the tall stranger’s arms, he can’t find any reason to regret anything.
From the first moment, Danny knows he could easily fall for Neill. All these little contradictions fascinate him: Neill’s passionate and playful one moment, and the next second he withdraws into himself, cautious. What made him that way? And how can Danny convince the beautiful boy to stay?


Contents are red-hot and must be carefully handled, stored, and consumed. Not appropriate for small children or animals in heat. Please proceed with extreme caution or extreme eagerness if you’re looking for the carnal delight that only Roe can provide. *giggle* Seriously though, this was smuttastic. I’m not a big omega fan so I had to sit on my hands to stop myself from grabbing Horvat’s most recent additions. But when I heard the title and saw the cover of this hot off the press Horvat treat, there was no question about it, I needed this one! Then I read the blurb and sweet mercy, I was bubbling like a jostled soda bottle. There’s just something about Roe’s erotic escapades that soars above any possible contenders. It’s never merely erotica. It’s not just, ‘come into our bedroom’. It’s ‘come into our bedroom and have a peek at our hearts’. The layers come off, oh boy, do they ever. Yet it wasn’t simply the lack of clothing that set Danny and Neill on fire. Every crest took us not only higher but deeper. Every apex took us faster down the other side while maintaining speed for the next surge. It was an exhilarating passion-fueled ride that confirms Horvat hasn’t lost his touch.

If you’re like me and typically stick with two in the bed, I can verify the third is a catalyst in their combustion but was never intending to settle in for the long run. Curtis is a good friend. And yes, Neill has enjoyed superficial intimacy and passion with him in the past. They have never been in a relationship and have no plans to do so. Curtis has truly been there for Neill when Neill needed him the most. It’s this infinite trust that nudges his curiosity when Curtis proposes a night of kinky fun with Danny. Neill is intrigued but uncertain. That is until he meets Danny. Danny throws him for a loop. But the best part is, he’s there waiting with open arms to catch him when he falls.


A copious buffet of sex. Yes, this is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Tenderness. Not body parts but affection and honest-to-goodness, love at first stark sight. Healing. A painful past lingers but new connections are so bright, they leave it in the shadows they’re meant to dissolve in.

bookisforIf you’re not familiar with Horvat, let me help you out…run now and run fast, start here or start at the very beginning in the airport, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on some of the very best sweet ‘n sexy stories you’ll read all year.



TITLE: Naked Weekend (Naked Series #1)
AUTHOR: Roe Horvat
LENGTH: 84 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 24, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon,  AmazonUK

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