“Marked by Death” by Kaje Harper


Asking a necromancer for help is scary; falling for him may be downright terrifying.

Darien Green’s afraid he’s going insane. The voices in his head are getting louder, weirder, and more numerous. But tattoos appearing on his skin say that there might be a magical reason, something other than his own brain going around the bend. He’s worked up the nerve to ask the local necromancer for help. Now he just has to survive his encounter with tall, dark, and talks-to-ghosts.

Necromancer Silas Thornwood doesn’t appreciate being woken out of his bed by a stranger pounding on his door. But when that stranger turns out to be a half-frozen young man with an unexpected appeal, Silas can’t turn him away. Even Grim, his cat-familiar, agrees— in a world of death and demons, protecting gorgeous, ghost-ridden Darien is Silas’s next difficult job.


I wish I could remember how this story popped up on my radar because I’d really like to thank whomever it was that brought it to my attention. And before I forget, many thanks to Kaje for offering this intro to the series complimentary on Smashwords. I’m not certain how long it’ll last, so you might want to grab it while you can. It was highly entertaining and I ended up binging the rest of the series. This triple serving was a great reminder of how much I enjoy Harper’s writing and stressed the fact that I really need to tackle more of her back shelf. I don’t gravitate towards scary or horror books, I’m too much of a scaredy-cat reader for that. However, I adore PNR and was mesmerized by the first necromancer series I read last year. As a result, I couldn’t wait to meet this new couple. I had to chuckle with the categorization of ‘historical’ when I discovered it was set in the ’60s. I guess my mind travels back a bit further when thinking about something taking place in the past but that’s on me. I was instantly captivated by Darren and it didn’t take long for Silas to work his magic on me too. Their adventures began a bit frantic and seem to be far from over. Powerful magic mixed with unexpected romance while they fight for their lives…sounds marvelous to me!

As we begin, we can see Darren is struggling. He’s trying to shoulder burdens that are not his. Even worse, he doesn’t know what exactly is happening to him or why. Desperation claws at him and begging the local necromancer for help is his last hope. Stumbling into Silas’s foyer was surprising in more ways than one. Yet, no one is more shocked than Silas. Darren is no longer the neighborhood boy he once knew. He’s grown into a gorgeous young man who seems to have the same inclinations as him. Could it be a twist of fate or fortunate serendipity? Tempting as he is, his professional work must come first. Darren came to him for a reason and he must help him. It’s just, Darren isn’t like anyone he’s ever known. And their magic together is a stunning force to be reckoned with. If only he can figure out how to keep him from the greedy council and the ghosts trying to consume him. When it comes to his work, Silas is exceptionally talented. He’s a simple man and a prestigious scholar. He is happy with his quiet life with Grim, his familiar. Until Darren storms into his life and shakes everything upside down. Suddenly, he’s faced with something he never knew he wanted…a partner. This was key for me. Oh sure, the exhilarating battles and wild magic is great fun but I adore it when love drops out of a clear blue sky.


Fast and freaky fun, with an accidental fall. An abundance of build-up, which always seems to be the case at the beginning of a PNR series. And a catty cat, who truly runs the show…but don’t they all?


bookisforIf PNR is your thing and you’re looking to add death magic sorcery to your collection, this necromancer and his apprentice are definitely worthy of the addition in my opinion.



TITLE: Marked by Death (Necromancer #1)
AUTHOR: Kaje Harper
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 173 pages 
RELEASE DATE: October 23, 2020
BUY LINKS: Smashwords, Amazon

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