“His Haven” by Con Riley


Once jilted, twice shy…

Keir Brodie is a lawyer with good reason for his trust issues. A year after his groom didn’t show up at their wedding, he’s still heartsore and hurting. Work has been his saviour, but a new project sets alarm bells ringing — his favourite client wants to buy a house for someone Keir thinks is a liar.

Mitch’s nice-guy act doesn’t fool Keir, and he can’t let sparks flying when they’re together distract him. That’s just the flare of opposites attracting, not the lifelong connection he misses. Besides, no amount of passion is worth risking his heart, especially with someone only down for onetime hook-ups.

Their shared project chips away at Keir’s first impressions. As the truth, and Keir, unravel, Mitch pieces him back together in ways Keir couldn’t have predicted. Trusting Mitch with more than his client’s money will take a leap of faith, in himself, and in a man Keir hopes won’t leave him waiting.

♥ Featuring opposites who attract, and passion in close proximity, His Haven is the third shared-world novel in the His Contemporary MM Romance series. Featuring a different couple each time, these books can be read alone, or enjoyed together. ♥

reviewI can’t properly explain to you how ecstatic I was for this story. I could try but it wouldn’t be pretty. This series has taken me places that I will forever hold close to my heart. I thought I loved the first book only to discover my boundless love for the second. Book three had me eager and if I’m honest, a little anxious. How could it hold a candle to what transpired before? Could I possibly love them as much?
I’ll save you the suspense, yes and yes! On par with Con’s matryoshka style writing, the hidden layers continued to appear as the chapters flew by. Technically this could be a standalone story but I would urge you to start at the beginning. You don’t miss the intimate details of the first two books. Trust me, they are worth it.

Keir Brodie was bitten. No, this isn’t a paranormal story or a book with vamps. Betrayal sank its teeth deep into the tender flesh around his heart and his wounds have yet to heal. He keeps the damage tucked discreetly behind his immaculate suits. With his personal life in turmoil, he decides to zero in on his professional life. Work is safe. So he fills every waking hour with work and managing Nick’s affairs easily consumes him. But recently, there’s been a distraction. A frisky fun-loving distraction. Mitch is full of life. Sparks fly and surprisingly some burn. This is vexing at first because it proves his first impression was hasty and off course. Perhaps Mitch isn’t as slick as Keir thought. Maybe his light-hearted approach to life is buoyed by something significant. Could there be more to Mitch than the eye beholds? Since we are navigating through one of Riley’s stories I can guarantee you the answer is yes.

Their journey is emotionally charged with erratic zigs and zags. Fortunately, the ebb and flow eventually wash them ashore. I raced through with bated breath. We witness the magic behind a shelter that does more than offer refuge. We sail through turbulent but gorgeous seas. We observe powerful forgiveness and essential healing. We discover that sometimes those ‘almost maybes’ are supposed to happen, passing us over to destiny’s hands. There are romantic moments that deserve to see the cinema. Oh, my stars! And some characters deserve standing ovations. I absolutely, completely, totally, and utterly loved it!


bewareBroken trust and broken hearts can heal with time. Everyone carries baggage in life and sharing requires faith and confidence. Assumptions are rarely accurate and often we must see to believe.


bookisforAnyone and everyone! This stunning story captured my heart and I have no doubt you’ll feel the same.



TITLE: His Haven (His #3)
AUTHOR: Con Riley
PUBLISHER: Figment Ink
LENGTH: 330 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 21, 2021
BUY LINKS: AmazonUK, Amazon

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