“White Flats and Chocolate Fish” by Jay Hogan


ADRIAN POWELL has a secret, a secret he’s guarded for 17 years. But it’s come at a cost—few friends, fewer lovers and a lifetime of loneliness. If he’s a bit grumpy and a tad pessimistic, who can blame him? So, exactly how he’s ended up with a bunch of nosy friends, a beautiful lakeside cottage and a successful business, is beyond him.

It’s a life he never imagined, and one that includes a problematic new neighbour, NIALL CARMICHAEL–an irritating, equally grumpy, sexy as hell silver fox, who kisses like a dream, shakes every one of Adrian’s walls, and who might just prove Adrian’s undoing.

But secrets have a way of catching up with you. And when Adrian’s past comes knocking, it might just threaten everything he’s built.


Tease, tug, pull. Classic tug of war techniques and they were effectively done here. The title teased me…Flat Whites and Chocolate Fish. What’s that all about? Hmmm. Then the blurb gave me a healthy tug…secrets and stubborn men. Aww yeah, I’m in! And as soon as I began the first chapter I was quickly snagged and happily hooked. I’ve enjoyed Hogan’s books in the past but this felt slightly different. I can’t say it’s better or worse; instead, I would deem it complex or even elaborate. I didn’t think rationally about it because I was too anxious and excited. I couldn’t consider it over the top because I was flying along with them, caught and utterly captivated in their relationship/non-relationship. Yep, Adrian and Niall are ridiculously stubborn and refuse to consider that they need or even want a boyfriend. Their heated first encounter was like a match to fatwood kindling. There was no turning back from what they accidentally and unintentionally started. If I thought too hard I might have nitpicked. But I didn’t and couldn’t because I was swept off my feet, holding the rope in lax fingers. Jay 1. Sheri 0. And yet, I don’t feel like I lost in the slightest.

If you tend to follow sequential order as I do, I assure you this felt independent and complete. My OCD tendencies keep me from jumping around but I never felt lost or out of place. The only problem I had was the sudden urge to read the rest of the Southern Lights books. Jay 2. Sheri O. There’s no question that I will read the other books and I can’t wait to decipher the story behind the rest of the unusual titles. Now, back to this persnickety pair.

Adrian is a private man. He owns a café with his business partner and hides away in his quiet haven creating children’s books in his spare time. Despite the fact he’s a brilliant barista at the coffeehouse, he truly is a lone wolf. He guards his privacy and keeps everyone at arm’s length. Until his new neighbor crashes into his bubble. Suddenly everything begins to change. And Adrian isn’t prepared to welcome Niall or his big plans. Then an epic kiss throws his perfect balance off-kilter. Niall is different, determined, and dangerously sexy. Niall is still recovering from a painful split from his ex-husband. He has no time for dating, family, or friends. Having said that, he’s trying to make an effort with his family. They deserve better and he’s ready to turn over a new leaf. With a big project on his hands, the last thing he needs is any complications. His new neighbor is a spitfire and for some reason, he can’t stay away. Neither can deny their fierce attraction. I loved the playful banter and steamy chemistry. I loved their bullheaded arguments and obstinate denial. I loved how their passion ran deep and swiftly became so much more. They are seriously HOT. And I loved Niall’s hilarious family and Adrian’s fabulous friends. As you can see, there’s loads to love here…and I hope you have the chance to fumble over your feet and fall along with me.



Ornery and obstinate men…prickly exteriors often protect a soft underbelly. Opposites, age gap, and secrets galore…which prove to be an irresistible combination. And a thrilling conclusion that may not be ‘the end’ after all.


bookisforIf you’re looking for a slightly older and studiously stubborn couple that burn up the sheets and fall madly and deeply while battling a threat from the past…why not grab the rope and discover why I’m merrily dusting off my backside and racing for book one.



TITLE: White Flats & Chocolate Fish (Southern Lights #3)
AUTHOR: Jay Hogan
PUBLISHER: Southern Lights Publishing
LENGTH: 346 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 16, 2020

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