“Red Dirt Heart Imago” by N.R. Walker


When Charlie Sutton’s neighbour Greg is notified by the Queensland government that they intend to run a pipeline through his property, Charlie vows to help him fight it. Then Travis remembers seeing butterflies at the creek near their joining fence line – the same butterflies they couldn’t find in any Australian butterfly book. Hopeful this might be their only chance to stop the development, they seek the help of a specialist.

Lawson Brighton-Gale receives an email request to identify a butterfly in the Outback, only to discover it’s not an Australian butterfly at all. But that’s not all he discovers. The name on the request is familiar to Jack. An old friend from his university days, who also happened to be his old friend with benefits, Charlie Sutton.

Years ago, two out-of-towners met at the University of Sydney. Both studying environmental sciences, both hundreds of miles from home, and both finding their worlds open to new experiences, they fell into bed together. Meeting again after all this time, in front of Lawson and Travis, won’t be awkward at all, right?

Lawson and Jack’s trip to Sutton Station certainly doesn’t go to plan, and what they take back to Tasmania isn’t just butterflies, but a cocoon of possibilities.


Have you ever had a dream about two of your favorite things together and wake up thinking, wow, wouldn’t that be awesome?!? The merging of these two amazing stories wasn’t one I even fathomed in dreamland. But I sure am grateful Nic made this spectacular connection. I fell face-first into the Red Dirt Heart world and came up beaming with dirt smeared on my face. Likewise, Lawson and Jack charmed me when we first met. Apparently, I’m not alone and Jack has a blast from the past he charmed as well. Charlie Sutton. Not someone I would have ever pictured with Jack but then again, I’ve only ever imagined Charlie with Trav. They fit so perfectly it’s hard to imagine life before Trav barged his way in. *sigh* Just thinking about these couples makes me smile. They feel like old friends. Discovering there was more to their stories was like winning the book lottery.

This short and sweet mingle was the cherry on top of a delicious sundae. Beautiful butterflies bring great excitement and hope to a dreadful situation. I loved every nervous chuckle and jealous stare. I loved slipping back to the station and sleeping under the stars. I loved family appearances and newfound friendships. Walker adds a dash of trouble to get your heart racing. Things rarely go according to plan when Lawson is involved. He wasn’t the star of the incident but it certainly rattled their weekend. But then sometimes a good rattle rearranges priorities. Plan on grinning like a fool while the pages slip away far too fast. At the end of the day, seeing everyone together, even for a few fleeting moments was pure bliss.


Crossover considerations…you simply must have their history first. Limited page numbers but full of flavor…a perfectly sweet concoction. And the planting of a seed that will leave you begging for more…or is that just me?


Red Dirt Heart fans. Imago fans. And if you don’t fall into either category, wow, you are in for some good times!


TITLE: Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5)
AUTHOR: N.R. Walker
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 76 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2017
BUY LINKS: Amazon 

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