“Naked Games” by Roe Horvat


Completely naked, Curtis is stumbling through a dark maze at a sex club while three strangers hunt him. Scary? Except he wants to get caught. The hottest game ever! One epic night turns into a weekend, and he keeps coming back for more. George, Jack, and Ethan. Each different, all of them blindingly perfect. He’s just their toy, but he loves it. He’s savoring every minute of the wild ride, scratching off items from his erotic bucket list one by one. There are no promises, no useless romance. Their casual arrangement suits him perfectly. So what’s the niggly, squirmy feeling in his chest when he sees George and Jack share a tender kiss, or when Ethan stares at him with those soulful, blue eyes? Ugh. Better ignore it.
Ethan loves his partners deeply. Their relationship builds on mutual respect and a great deal of desire. He doesn’t feel like he’s making any compromises, yet there’s something Jack and George were never able to give him. Then there’s this boy—face of an angel, sex appeal of a demon, and a fragile heart behind a wall of snark. Jack and George are smitten, too. Except Ethan wants more than a few nights of fun. Curtis stirs cravings in him that not even the hottest sex can soothe. He needs to convince his sweet boy to stay with them.


Do me a favor? Could you please picture a heart?
Yep. I want you to visualize the shape.
Ok. Now, I want you to tell me how many pieces there are…two? Or three? Maybe even four?
That’s right. There are no defined parts.
There aren’t any sides.
It’s continuous with a few curves.
It’s boundless and stretches with the components added.
There’s no limit. No rules. It simply is.
And that’s exactly what Roe gifts us here…Curtis finds his place…his castle in the sky is real…and gloriously sexy.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, I’m a bit finicky with poly stories. I’ve seen the beauty of polyamorous relationships and then I’ve witnessed others with imbalance. That’s what holds me back. I don’t care for hierarchies with levels of power. I was curious how things would play out with ‘one more’ as this was the first quad couple I’ve read about. Meeting Curtis in the previous book, I was keen to discover who could capture his heart and hold onto it. As it turns out, Curtis wants what Curtis wants, which happens to be not one or two but three men. Roe told me Curtis made him do it and I can absolutely see that. He’s so sweet underneath all that sass, who could deny him anything?

I think I need to make a shelf called ‘Horvat Hot’ because his books truly belong in their own category. Naked Games is sinfully erotic with a tender core. I love that Roe can burn up the sheets and sweep you off your feet at the same time. Curtis has never truly had a family. He’s a free spirit and free with his flesh, always eager to share pieces of himself with others. Curtis is convinced he’ll continue to float along like dandelion seeds on a windy day. And if each seedpod was a wish, maybe someone someday will give him roots, a home. But he fears he’s too much and far too needy. No one would ever dare to try and tame the untamable. Until he meets Ethan, a burly bear with backup. Ethan has his own unfulfilled needs and he’s more than happy to wrangle Curtis right where he wants him. He loves his husbands, Jack and George, fiercely but there’s still a void in his heart. And after a carnal weekend with Curtis, he knows exactly what he was missing. Could they make it work? Would they want to? *bites lip* If I may be bold enough, I highly suggest you find out.



Kinks with kinks. Roe is not shy and neither are the guys. As the pieces click together, some are fixed tighter than the others. Oddly enough, I accepted this without question. And a dirty mix of sensual and gentle…if there’s such a thing a purely indecent, this is it.


bookisforHorvat fans most likely have this scorching story by now. If it hasn’t left its mark on you yet, grab an icy beverage before you begin…you’re going to need it.




TITLE: Naked Games (Naked Series #2)
AUTHOR: Roe Horvat
RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon,  AmazonUK

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