“Master Wolf” by Joanna Chambers


He must master the wolf within…

Edinburgh, 1820. Thirty years after leaving Scotland, Drew Nicol is forced to return when the skeleton of a monster is found. The skeleton is evidence of werewolves—evidence that Marguerite de Carcassonne, the leader of Drew’s pack, is determined to suppress.

Marguerite insists that Drew accompany her to Edinburgh. There they will try to acquire the skeleton while searching for wolf-hunters—wolf hunters who may be holding one of their pack prisoner.

But Drew has reason to be wary about returning to Edinburgh—Lindsay Somerville now lives there.

Lindsay who taught Drew about desire and obsession.

Lindsay who Drew has never been able to forgive for turning him.

Lindsay who vowed to stay away from Drew twelve years ago… and who has since taken drastic steps to sever the bond between them.

Marguerite’s plan will throw Drew and Lindsay together again—and into a deadly confrontation with Lindsay’s enemy, Duncan MacCormaic. They will be tested to their limits and forced to confront both their past mistakes and their true feelings.

But it may be too late for them to repair the damage of the past. The consequences of Lindsay’s choices are catching up with him, and he’s just about out of time…


Tragically, I missed reading this when it was released. I snagged it on release day but life was in true turmoil and no matter how desperately I wished to escape reality, I couldn’t. I’m in healthcare and my husband is a first responder; so like many others, we were forced to face the chaos of last spring right then and there. As life is slowly returning to normal I’m revisiting things I missed last year. And this highly anticipated story was near the top of my list. Right. So let’s get to it…
Oh! I’ve been bitten and it feels glorious!! This is why shifters will always be my favorite. This is exactly the type of shifter story I crave. I didn’t read this story, I became part of it. I did not vicariously skim along, I experienced it. I was transfixed and completely at Chambers’s mercy. I felt each and every emotion with startling clarity. This was a physical read in every way possible; my hands shook, my heart raced, my throat was tight and my mouth fell open. I was nervous and excited, captivated from the very beginning. Initially, I was worried I had forgotten the finer details from the first book. However, as soon as the pages began to slip past I was bombarded with flashbacks and memories. True to form, Chambers delivers a sensational conclusion to the first book while she whisks us away on a nerve-racking journey. I bounced between euphoric and disheartened. I was desperate to know and dreaded the final pages. If you’re hesitant about paranormal romance or shy around historicals, I urge you to reconsider and discover why Lindsay and Drew’s love is an unrivaled force of nature.


I’m slowly becoming more comfortable in this time period. Whereas the dialogue baffled me in the past, now I find it endearing. Previous annoyances are suddenly humorous. Great enemies still regard one another with a sense of dignity. Unless mates are involved, then all decorum is forgotten. These beastly creatures maintain prim and proper appearances even when they are anything but. Extensive care is placed on everything from the clothes they wear to the wine they sip. There isn’t much dawdling here as we are instantly swept into the mayhem. And despite the brisk clip, this is certainly a slow burn. They simmer and smolder and take us to the edge of combustion. It is sweet torture at its finest.
Marguerite has requested Drew’s assistance and no sane person denies her. It’s been over a decade since Drew has last laid eyes on Lindsay and he’s finally lost the pulse of their connection. He’s convinced it’s due to time and distance and fears returning to him. Drew is mortified when he learns those closest to him have been struggling while he’s selfishly forged ahead on his own path. At some point, he must not only accept but welcome his pack. They might be small but they are fiercely dependant on each other. Drew has grappled with his feelings long enough. It’s time to face the music. His bitter haze clears and he recognizes that his decisions go beyond his own nose. We zip from the past to the present and I appreciated the clarity of the road behind us. I held on during the cut and thrust, silently begging for the erratic waves to still. *sigh* Then I sank beneath the surface, plunging with them. They literally took my breath away.


loveLove takes many forms. Lindsay made a choice thirty years ago and he cannot take it back. Drew would have died without Lindsay’s bite but the consequences of his actions bring more burdens than Drew can bear. He has been in constant war with himself, man against wolf, since he was ‘saved’. Drew cannot understand why his wolf desires Lindsay, let alone loves him. Okay, fine, he was mesmerized by him ‘before’ but it wasn’t real. Was it? Which is the core of his distress. Drew despises Lindsay but his wolf loves him. How can he resist Lindsay when half of him would do anything or give anything for him? And when Linsday makes the impossible possible, he should be relieved and overjoyed. And yet, it’s just the opposite. Drew could handle fighting Lindsay but can he manage to fight his maker and himself at the same time? They are put to the test. Their bond, their loyalty, and their love. I was so consumed by their exhilarating tale, nothing could pull me away. Even when I was frustrated and upset, I loved it. Better yet, I loved them even when I was mad at them. Yes, Drew, I’m talking about you. And honestly, I can’t think of anything better than a story like that.



Book edging, yeah, it’s a real thing. Wolves are carnal creatures but I found the simple intimacy far more passionate. And a love so strong, even fate is at its beck and call.


bookisforYOU MUST READ GENTLEMEN WOLF FIRST…ahem, seriously though…it’s essential.



TITLE: Master Wolf (Capital Wolves Duet #2)
AUTHOR: Joanna Chambers
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 274 pages
RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2020
BUY LINKS: AmazonUK, Amazon

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