“Radio Static” by Nicky James


Two single dads.
Two head-strong teenagers.
One dead body.

It was supposed to be a vacation to help Nova reconnect with his son. A cabin in the middle of nowhere, nature all around, peace and serenity. What he didn’t expect was to fall for his neighbor in the cabin across the lake.
He didn’t expect an erratic and unusual broadcast on a radio station no longer in existence.
Nor did he expect a dead body in the water.
Something is happening in the small town of Drysdale.

Mercy likes his mysteries to stay within the pages of his novels. When strange things start to happen at his summer cabin, he and his daughter team up with the man and his son on the other side of the lake to get to the bottom of it. A little amateur sleuthing won’t hurt anyone, right?

Someone out there knows the truth.
Who is the man on the radio?
What does he know?

Mercy and Nova are determined to find out, but are they willing to risk life and limb for answers?
Because someone in Drysdale doesn’t want their secrets revealed.


Blurbs are funny things. I don’t always read them. I’m not certain why, I just…don’t. When I do, I tend to skim and look for key ingredients. Having devoured this story and licking my chops while doing so, I can confidently tell you that looking back, the first few words tell you nearly everything you need to know. Two single dads. Yes, romance is the brightest thread in this gripping story. Two head-strong teenagers. Although their sassy and endearing children could very well pass as sidekicks to the main characters. One dead body. Completing the package is the dead body aka murder and therefore, mystery. If you’re a diehard mystery fan and looking for your next puzzle to solve, you might be underwhelmed. However, I’m first and foremost a romance junkie and this ticked all my boxes while leaving me pleasantly pink. The story quickly wound around me and I held stock-still, a sucker for its chase. The three hundred-plus pages slipped by in a blink and I’m already craving my next NJ surrender.



I feel as though I solidly connected with Mercy and Nova. It doesn’t matter that I’m not a guy or a father. I’m the same age as Nova and my daughter is the same age at Mercy’s. Having my baby girl who is also thirteen going on twenty-three put me smack dab in Mercy’s shoes. I nodded along while alternating between smirks and sympathetic frowns. I know not everyone is fond of kids in their romance novels but I absolutely ADORED Rae and Cooper. I found it hilarious that both the kids and parents were crushing on each other. Getting cockblocked by your parents, isn’t that every teen’s nightmare? Even if you’re not a parent, I think you’ll enjoy their humor and frisky antics. Anywho, the characters actually belong in the next section, because I loved them! Yet, there is plenty to appreciate here…from the soothing setting to the unsettling cold case, I enjoyed it all. Top of my list would most definitely be Nova and Mercy. Which takes us to…


loveUnexpected and inconvenient love is one of my favorite things. It’s almost like fate laughs and dares you to defy what has been placed in front of you. For Mercy, that’s the sexy lumberjack across the lake from their summer cabin. Mercy made a choice fourteen years ago and forged his path as a single dad. His heart belongs to the light of his eye, his daughter Rae. But could take something for himself and still be the dedicated dad he’s proud to be? If he could, it’d be Nova. Nova is his dreams come to life. However, his younger mirror image is his worst nightmare. His daughter will remain a delicate flower if he has any say at all. Come to find out, Rae is a gorgeous rose full of thorns and fully capable of taking care of herself, no matter how much he wants to deny it. Her mother (who happens to be his best friend) has passed along her own skillset to Rae, which is sprinkled with independence and spunk. So, it’s no surprise that she caught the eye of the handsome sixteen-year-old staying nearby. Speaking of Cooper, if he breezed into my daughter’s life I would bite my tongue and sit on my hands because he is wonderful. Since Nova is his father, this isn’t shocking. *sigh* Nova. I want to pluck daisy petals. He is patient, kind, loving, and an attentive lover. He is hoping to strengthen the bond with his son, fearing he’s slowly losing him. I loved the man he is, the father he strives to be, and the partner he yearns to become. AND I seriously love his name. Ha! They are hot and hilarious as they chase answers they may not want to uncover. I was rapt the entire time from the bonds formed and reinforced to the trail of dead bodies.



Quick spark with a slowwwww burn. A wild card….cheeky children. And a thrilling tale with more than one private dick on the case.


bookisforIf you’re searching for a spellbinding story with a mismatched bunch, steady that finger and stop here.



TITLE: Radio Static
AUTHOR: Nicky James
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 319 pages
RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2021

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