“Coddiwomple” by S.E. Harmon


As a wildlife photographer, Journey “JJ” Sutton never stays in one place too long. The world is his classroom, and he’s living his dream. His only regret is that he had to sacrifice the love of his life to do it. But as the saying goes, you can never go home again. That’s until there’s a family emergency, and he has to…well, go home again. His easy breezy lifestyle gets complicated fast. It certainly doesn’t help that his ex-fiancé has bought the house next door.

After an unstable childhood, Cameron Foster loves small-town life. He has everything he needs in his vet practice, his friends, and his animals. Despite what numerous exes seem to think, he’s not still in love with Journey. And so what if they add “benefits” to their friendship? As long as he keeps his heart out of the equation, everything should be fine.

Too bad Journey’s not onboard with that plan. With summer ending, he has to convince Cameron that this is more than just a fling. This time around, he knows what he wants. He wants a second chance. He wants forever. Most of all, he wants Cameron’s heart.

Journey may have put away his passport, but things are just getting interesting.


Verbivore. I’m told this is a person with a voracious appetite for words. Sounds cool to me! I don’t know Harmon well (this was my first adventure with her) but I would imagine she may fall into this category. Which is only one of the many reasons I adored this story. Did you feel that curious tug with the title? I sure did. How about a zap from that striking cover? Me too! I was excited before I began and my jangling nerves never calmed. I was caught up in their simple everyday tasks as if they were in the midst of a great race. I was biting my nails, cheering, and holding my breath when I fully expected the outcome. And I don’t know about you, but I’d call that a mighty good book.

LikeJourney and Cameron are easy to like. Journey has a wandering spirit and followed his dreams trekking the world to catch the perfect shot. As a wildlife photographer, he’s spent more time living from a pack than from his flat. Quite the opposite, Cameron longed to plant roots and did just that. Also drawn to animals, he’s a small-town vet who doesn’t fully understand the meaning behind ‘fostering animals’. There are probably as many paws as people in these pages and I didn’t mind one bit. Journey lost his mother and his childhood in one tragic day. He was forced to grab the reigns and navigate his three brothers through early years that he was denied. If given the option, he would do it again because, despite his grumbles, he loves them all dearly. However, raising them wasn’t easy or without sacrifices. Falling in love with Cameron was easy. Fighting the urge to leave the nest which began to suffocate him was another battle altogether. And one day, he just gave in and did what he wanted. If he ended up alone that was okay. Sometimes you have to put your own happiness first and that’s what he did. Until a call home brought him back to the place he thought he was free from. And to the man who stole his heart all those years ago and apparently, never gave it back.



Second chance love is one of my favorite tropes for good reason. There’s something powerful about reigniting the spark between two hearts. Many things can split the course between a couple and sometimes it’s no one’s ‘fault’. This time Journey catches himself wondering if he should stay or go. He’s always been attracted to Cameron but it’s deeper than lust and more than scratching an itch. They don’t just fit they are tailor-made. They aren’t merely comfortable but are each other’s safe harbors. The problem is, Cameron knows he’s still knee-deep with his feelings for Journey and doesn’t want to find himself in over his head, drowning, when Journey leaves again. Which is certain. Journey will leave and Cameron can’t bear to have him take half his heart with him…again. There’s plenty more to enjoy besides the incredible pull and slow burn between Cam and Journey. I was charmed by JJ’s ornery father and Cam’s incredible co-workers. I was rather taken with the doggos too. But what I loved most was the reminder that you can have more than one dream and you can still fly while having a nest. There was a solid balance of humor, heat, and heart. And I can guarantee this won’t be my only Harmon journey.



Fiesty fun, flirty fire, and finally, forgiveness. Sometimes the most important shot is the one missed, only to be captured later. Memories and dreams are precious but twice as valuable when shared with someone you love.


bookisforIf you fantasize about faraway places and love course corrections, this trek is just what you need.



TITLE: Coddiwomple
AUTHOR: S.E. Harmon 
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 248 pages
RELEASE DATE: April 11, 2021

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