“Waiting for Ru” by Barbara Elsborg


Ruari Byrne may not have had an easy life, but now he’s determined to live in the present, not his past. Trouble is, it’s hard to be independent when you’ve no money and no qualifications. All Ru knows is horses, and when he finds out that his beloved Joni and Cookie are off to auction, his heart is in his throat. How can he protect them if he can’t even look after himself?

Jasim bin Rajhi hadn’t intended to buy two working mares; the horses in his rarefied life are priceless polo ponies, but there’s something that intrigues him about the guileless young man who’s so concerned for their welfare. They might be worlds apart in every way, but Jasim doesn’t want this to be the last time he sees Ru. It can’t be because Ru might just be the one he’s been waiting for.

Reunited at Jasim’s polo grounds, the pair bond over lives lived in darkness and secrecy. But there’s a truth about Jasim that should make Ru bolt like his beloved horses. Jasim knows he should let Ru go for his own safety, and yet it feels like happiness might be within their grasp. Can they overcome their pasts and trust in a future, or will Jasim’s obligations forever have a hold on him?

reviewHurt-Comfort, Comfort-Hurt, Comfurt…yes, all require hugs.
I want them to hug and I want to hug them. Can we just have hugs all around?
Elsborg delivers another powerful addition to the Unfinished Business series and Give Yourself Away has suddenly surged to the top of my ‘need to read’ list.
You see, there is important history here with chains and skeletons. Neither Ru nor Jasim is free from their haunting past but both long to break away. And if favors are finally being dealt, they’d do just about anything to shatter their shackles and create new bonds together.
If only wishes really came true…

Speaking of wishes, I have a pocket full for the characters in this series. They feel so real to me. I think of them often. I worry about them. I wonder what they’re doing. And most importantly, I want the best for them. Ru soared to the top of my favorite list. I must admit that I felt “Jonty” vibes coming from him. It wasn’t overwhelming or twin-like but I would consider his personality and nuances cousin-like to Mr. Bloom. Since I absolutely adore Jonty with every inch of my heart, this was no problem for me. Jasim on the other hand doesn’t make it easy to fall for him. His stoic face and glacial heart are sure to ruffle some feathers…if taken at face value that is. He keeps everyone at arm’s length, pushing if necessary. He doesn’t do intimacy. Heck, he doesn’t do relationships. He can’t. His world isn’t simple or carefree. I hate to leave you hanging, but I can’t tell you why. *whispers* but it’s…no joke. My tummy hurts thinking about it.

Both men have been bound, against their will, and have modest wishes. Jasim has wealth, success, and fame. But beneath the shiny surface misery consumes him. He’s ashamed of his past and can’t see any spark of happiness in his future. When Ru captures his attention he finds himself in uncharted territory. He wants to help the young man. He wants to protect the innocence radiating from Ru. He wants to teach him the joys of flesh upon flesh. And more than anything, he wants to decipher the puzzle that is Ruari Byrne. Polo is not a sport I’m familiar with and I enjoyed the excitement and intensity it brought to the pages. Elsborg has a worn groove straight through my chest and she stayed the course with this emotional strike and double smash. Because…

Ru. I was intrigued with his story when he’s introduced in A Long Way Back but I had no idea. I was clueless about the abuse he suffered. I am mystified how he survived with his bright spirit intact. After his ‘rescue’ he was tossed back into society. He doesn’t want to be a burden. What he wants is to claim the path to the future he never allowed himself to dream of. But without money and the apparent skills necessary to work, he’s lost. There’s a LOT he must learn, but he’s willing and keen to tackle any obstacle. Sadly, it’s more than a stumbling block or two. He is awkward and the ranch hazing becomes bullying and swiftly turns into terrorization. I don’t think I’ve ever burned with a need so great as my desire to reach into my kindle and throttle someone before Mike. Ugh. He makes my blood boil. And yet, Ru pulls himself up and stands tall every time I saw red. Which only made my anger melt into admiration. I want to gush about special horses and swim lessons and first dates and…gahhhh, so much more! But I will leave some of the magic for you to discover. Ru is so special and I am certain you will agree.

bewareThere is a history of abuse on both sides…both left a lump in my throat. An imbalance of age and experience…which means nothing when it comes to love. And the beautiful reminder that all creatures are capable of love…even crows.



If you’re looking for a story with sharp edges and a full heart, I would love for you to meet Ru and his prince. Although who saves who might remain a mystery.



TITLE: Waiting for Ru (Unfinished Business #4)
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 352 pages
RELEASE DATE: July 22, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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