“Jonty’s Halloween” by Barbara Elsborg


Jonty and Devan’s Big Adventure travelling around the world is cut short when Devan’s mother falls ill, and they have to fly home. Leaving Jonty to his own devices is never a good idea and before Devan can say no, Jonty has talked his way into hosting a Halloween extravaganza at The Dunes hotel.

Family and friends are roped in to help and perform on the evening, but someone has it in for Jonty who gets a fright he hadn’t expected.

Join Jonty and his friends and family in a Halloween extravaganza with a surprise ending!


If I had to pick one character to read about for the rest of my days, I always wondered who I’d pick. Until Jonty Bloom. Now? There’s no question, I would read about Jonty here, there, and everywhere…and it still wouldn’t be enough! I know it’s trite, but he has this magical way of turning a frown upside down. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh until I cry and sometimes I just want to cry. Because I wish I could kick the shins of every horrible person that hurt him. Don’t worry, there isn’t any reason to cry here, although you might want to join me in one well-deserved shin striking. But I digress…

Jonty and Devan have been traveling and filling up memory buckets. Devan is trying to make up for lost time and wants Jonty to experience the world with him. Their extensive itinerary was placed on pause when they had to unexpectedly return home. While Devan was tending to his ill mother, Jonty decided to surprise him with a little party at The Dunes. Well, it wasn’t for Devan, it was for Halloween. And it wasn’t little either, more like THE massive bash of the year. But that’s Jonty for you. He doesn’t do anything half-hearted or half-assed. He’s like an overgrown puppy sometimes and just can’t help himself. And even if he goes slightly overboard with party planning, it’s impossible not to love him. Personally, I think he planned and executed the party like a pro. The creativity and attention to the smallest details paired with his grand ideas and contagious buzz of excitement came together in a sensational night. I loved all of the special guests and cherished seeing everyone together. If you adore Jonty as I do, mark your calendar…you don’t want to miss this spooktacular story.


bewareFamily can be both chosen and blood…their love is evenly matched. Order dependant…this cannot be read alone. And an ending that will take your breath away…from giddy swooning or possibly sidesplitting laughter.



Jonty fans, Devan fans, Jonty and Devan fans, or anyone vested in the Unfinished  Business Series…I’m so grateful we haven’t hit the Finished button yet!
*pssstt. If you aren’t familiar, you’re truly missing out. Start at the beginning and I’ll be here to squee, laugh, and melt with you. You’re welcome.



TITLE: Jonty’s Halloween (Unfinished Business Series)
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 190 pages
RELEASE DATE: September 20, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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