“Sol” by Con Riley

Solomon Trebeck’s heart broke the night of his bi-awakening.

Fifteen years later, Sol’s back in Cornwall where it happened, single, shy, and oh-so lonely. Teaching art to kids wasn’t his life plan. Neither is raising a teenage nephew, but with no family left to support him, a live-in job at a boarding school becomes his life raft.

Problem: that life raft is sinking.

Solution: Sol’s first love could have the cash to keep it afloat.

Reconnecting with Jace Pascoe might save the school—the one place Sol’s nephew is happy. Asking for his help opens old wounds, but Jace helps to heal them, fusing Sol’s broken heart back together. However, Jace has his own shadows, no matter how brightly his smile dazzles.

Falling for Jace again could be so easy. It could also be a huge risk when neither of them plans to stay in Cornwall forever….

We all have them. Some stick with us while others slip away on the wings of sleep fairies. Sol has many dreams, some haunting him during his slumber and wakeful hours while others mock him day in and day out. You see, Sol isn’t living the life of his choosing. His life is full of complications. These complications dictate what he does and what he needs to do. And if we’re gonna be honest here, he’s bitter and resentful that he lost control of the steering wheel and is at the mercy of his family’s driving force. His mum was the conductor of their family, single-handedly pushing them forwards and doing her best to keep them on their fragile tracks. When she passed, Sol was meant to fill her shoes and keep them on course. But somehow he ended up on a runaway train and he’s certain they are about to crash. He can’t do it. He can’t even fathom how his mum managed. Just as he’s preparing to bail before the inevitable derailment, his most coveted dream appears.
Fifteen years ago, Sol gave his heart to a boy, but circumstances ripped them apart. Perhaps his new guardian angel rerouted Jace and brought him and the missing pieces of his heart back to Cornwall? Now, if only they both can find a way to stay. Just another thing to add to the neverending to-do list. Jace was crushed when Sol disappeared from his life but moved forward even if he always kept one eye focused on the rearview mirror. I almost wish we had the chance to hear from Jace firsthand and slip into his mind, but I believe Con had valid reasons for letting Jace’s secrets unravel at their own pace. Jace is as much Sol’s opposite as he is his counterpart. He is easy to love. His life hasn’t been smooth sailing either, but he has found a way to channel his frustrations. I loved how easily they sank back into each other’s arms. Jace never stopped loving his first love. He has carried Sol with him every step of the way. Always dreaming for their orbits to connect once more. When they do he’s…over the moon. But time has brought more changes than crinkly eyes and fuzzy chests. The sky is bigger than just the two of them.
They say if you don’t fill your well, your muse will wither. Sol’s muse is not only dry but fading away. His needs have always come second or third, and his muse isn’t even on the list anymore. Becoming his nephew’s guardian was not a role he was prepared for. Cameron was struck by tragedy as an infant. He doesn’t know the woman who gave birth to him and has no desire to. As soon as he began navigating his teenage years, was beginning to find himself and searching for his path, his Gran was taken from him. He’s lost and angry at the world. Unfortunately, Sol’s responsibilities don’t stop with our surly teen. The vital care his sister receives requires extra funds he doesn’t have. Keeping his position in the artroom at Glynn Harbor is crucial. When he learns they are on the brink of closing, he feels himself sink further. Then Jace appears like the life preserver he’s desperate for. Comforting hugs and wordless promises soothe his frayed nerves. And give him the boost he urgently needed to trust and believe they could make it…together.

This story was a journey that took me places I never expected while ending with the happiness I knew was coming. There is darkness and light. There is bone-deep angst and blinding-bright hope. There is a familiarity with love stories previously shared. You don’t need to know how Charles and His Holy Hotness ended up together or even the story of His Haven. However, there is a richness and deeper understanding if you know the intimacy they bring. This is a story of a second chance, forgiveness, and trust. If you’re expecting a duplicate of the first book, you’ll be vexed. For Sol is nothing like Charles. This is for the best since Jace has a thing for a shy artist who is blessed with complications. As it turns out, so do I. And I can’t wait for Luke to find his one and only!!

bewarePatience is not only a virtue Jace requires…I kinda wanted to shake Sol myself. If true art makes you feel…I sobbed ugly tears all over this stunning piece. And prepare to chase moonbeams and catch falling stars…I can feel the glow from here.


bookisforAnyone searching for a powerful, emotional, and hopeful story about two souls finding each other…again. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to know and love Charles!



TITLE: Sol (Learning to Love #2)
AUTHOR: Con Riley
PUBLISHER: Figment Ink
LENGTH: 340 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 14, 2021
BUY LINKS: AmazonUK, Amazon

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