“Double Trouble” by Barbara Elsborg


Seven years ago

Fifteen-year-old Raffety freaks out the moment he arrives at summer camp. Something isn’t right about the place, parents, kids and the counsellors. The only good thing is Jonah—and their first kiss.

Trouble is Jonah’s middle name. He can’t just ignore that Raffety clearly doesn’t belong at the camp, and risks everything to help him escape, even their budding friendship.

Jonah’s actions have damaging repercussions for both boys. Raffety returns to a very different world than the one he left, one where his mum is terrified of strangers who insist they’re pack. As for Jonah, his father decrees he’s gone too far. His memories of Raffety are wiped and Jonah’s exiled to Faerieland.

Present Day

Breaking cover for his mum’s funeral lands Raffety back in the claws of a pack that never stopped searching for him. The alpha is claiming Raffety’s an omega, and prime breeding material. Erm, no way. Raffety would rather eat his own eyeballs. He needs to figure out a way to escape—and quick.

Indentured to Paranormal Resolutions for his sins, which are many, Jonah’s ordered to extract a mark from the clutches of a pack of werewolves. The mission fills him with dread: the wolves know he stole their gold and if they catch him, they’ll eat his guts, with or without ketchup―gulp! But defying his boss isn’t an option. Not if Jonah wants to live.

Is it chance that Jonah and Raffety end up in the same trap, or is it more? Could fate be giving them both a helping hand, or have they just landed in the worst trouble of their lives?


I’ve been sitting on this review for a few weeks now. I was blindsided with a certain turn of events that, well let’s just say I’m not a fan of. If I would have read the blurb a little closer, I probably would have noticed clues about this twist that left me twisted. While I was mulling over my feelings on this book, the second story came out. And do you know what? I didn’t even hesitate! I quickly fell back into this world. I figured that answered my question and told me what I needed to know. I really enjoyed this story even with my niggle. When I started the next book I caught myself furrowing my brow and felt like I was in the dark. How was it the same series when it was sooo different? In the end, I decided Elsborg likes to keep me on my toes because before I knew it, lightbulbs were blinking on all around me! It wasn’t just these two books that are connected, but they link several other stories (which I LOVED) together. Suddenly, I was surrounded by lovely faces and a warm glow from their bright smiles. I’ve slipped off track, let me pull back and tell you more about Jonah and Raffety…

We begin when the boys are teenagers attending a ‘special’ summer camp. Jonah comes from a distinguished family and tends to leave a trail of disaster wherever he goes. He’s going to try and keep his nose clean, mostly. Until he meets Raffety. There’s something different about him. Of course, there’s something different about all the kids at the camp but Raffety puts him on full alert. Camp Courage is sort of like the school at x-men. The purpose is to build relationships and bonds between species before prejudices can set in. Vampires, werewolves, fae and the like all get together under the pretense of harmony for the summer. I was immediately swept under their spell and eager to uncover their secrets. The first few chapters flew by and I was soaking up all the clues and pieces laid out for us.

A short jump and a few years later and things were getting volatile. Irreversible changes occurred at camp for both of the boys. Raffety’s life was flipped upside down when he discovered he was a werewolf and Jonah was sent away to Faerieland as punishment for his actions. A great deal has happened to Raffety and Jonah since that fated summer afternoon. Then we slip into the present-day and my heart was hammering in my chest. Jonah is sent to ‘collect’ Raffety but don’t forget, he’s been robbed of his first encounter memories. As fate would have it, his heart remembers, even if his head doesn’t. And this is when things really pick up speed! I can’t tell you much without spoiling and we can’t have that.

I can be vague and tell you some of my favorite things. I loved Jonah and his wild spirit as much as I adored Raffety and his gentle soul. I loved their spunky humor and steamy passion. I loved their confusion as well as their certainties. I loved their fierce determination to stay together despite every attempt to rip them apart. I mentioned earlier about my niggle, which (I don’t think is a spoiler) is mpreg. Apparently, when it’s fade-to-black and mainly off-page, it’s easier for me to get my head around. Ha! Raffety is an omega and therefore highly coveted by many. He was raised outside of a pack and the entire supernatural community has eyes on his future. *whispers* Which is going to be awesome!! The ending left me swoony and smiling so hard my face hurt. Elsborg not only delivers an impressive, intricate, and inconceivable installment in this trilogy but an impeccable epilogue!

bewareSignificant page numbers…but there’s so much happening it’s all necessary! Time change…yet the insight to their first encounter was critical! And many shifter fanatics enjoy fertile fathers, but even if you don’t (like me) I found this addition surprisingly satisfactory.



Elsborg fans are fully aware of her brilliance, but anyone else looking for an entertaining adventure with a couple of troublemakers, this one is for you!



TITLE: Double Trouble (Lost & Found #1)
AUTHOR: Barbara Elsborg
PUBLISHER: self-pub
LENGTH: 360 pages
RELEASE DATE: October 21, 2021
BUY LINKS: Amazon, AmazonUK

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