We love romance…hard-won, fairy tale, epic, quiet, sappy, angsty…we’ll read it all. This is our little corner where we rave about the ones we love the most. This is who we are…


Sheri – 
Favorite Category:  Cops, Cowboys and Military, Contemporary, and Mystery & Suspense. I also enjoy PNR and don’t mind girly bits on occasion.
Least Favorite Category:  Historical, and ummmm Historical.
Favorite books/series:  Cut & Run (always!), The Men of Halfway House, Beneath the Stain, PsyCops/Channeling Morpheus, Infected, The Administration, Sixty-five hours, and The Rifter.
Likes/Dislikes:  Men in uniforms make my knees weak (cops, fire, military…I’m not picky), I love couples who compliment and balance each other, and I seriously admire authors that have twisting ability to turn my initial irritation into adoration. Fluff? yes please. Heartbreaker? I need advanced planning to clear my schedule for ample sobbing time.  Cheating? I’d rather not thanks.  Incest? running fast & furiously away!

Susan – 
Favorite Category:  Contemporary, I love cops/FBI/fireman and cowboys, I could read the “classic” YA nerd meets closeted jock over and over again, new adult, friends to lovers, and every now and again, love a sweep-me-off-my-feet historical!
Least Favorite Category:  Paranormal, BDSM, oh and no tentacles. 🙂
Favorite books/series:  Favorite series: Rifter, Gives Light, In the Company of Shadows, PsyCop, Enlightenment, Case of Magpies, Whyborne & Griffin. Also, love me some Kristen Ashley books! They’re like comfort food to my soul. 😀
Likes/Dislikes:  Must have a HEA, I’m a sucker for sweet, love a good alpha male, interesting/complex characters, slow-paced & lovely charm me, deep-deep-deep-I’d-do-anything-for-you love.  NO cheating, could do w/o menages, any sex w/ animals involved is not my thang.

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